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Slackline with DSA​

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Slackline is for everyone. At DSA we regularly host meetings, workshops and trips together. It doesnt matter if you are an experienced slackliner, or you’ve never been on a line – we can get rock’in on the line. Come join us

There are many reasons why slackline is good and fun thing to spend your time on. 

Slackline is also unique in the way that it focuses less on competition and more on helping each other progress.

Different kinds of Slackline

DSA is open for complete beginners as well as more pro athletes. Below you can get a taste of the different levels or click here to read more

Slackline 101

In its very simple form, slackline is a balance sport where participants walk on a flexible webbing anchored between two fixed points, requiring concentration, coordination, and core strength.

Advanced slackline

Once you mastered standing on the line, you will quickly progress to walking longer and longer lines. In the park we rig lines from 30-100m. This requires a new set of skills, such as mounting the line while seated. There is also the opportunity to learn how to static tricks or even yoga on the line.

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Highlining is a form of slacklining that takes place at an elevated height, often between cliffs or buildings. It requires a great deal of experience, specialized equipment, and rigorous safety measures. Highlining is a thrilling activity that attracts experienced slackliners and adventure enthusiasts alike. We have one of the coolest indoor highline spots in scandinavia where we often do workshops.

What is DSA

DSA is an association of volunteers (frivillig forening) that aims to promote and support the sport of slackline in all its forms – primarily in Copenhagen but also in the whole of Denmark. Through workshops, weekly trainings, trips and casual meet-ups, we hope to make the slackline fun and assessable for all genders and ages

Get started and get inspired

Learn the basics og slackline or check out the video from the World Record Highline at Lapporten