Indoor highline in Copenhagen

Since 2022 Copenhagen have been blessed with an unique indoor highline spot just 12min away from the city center. The initiative is started by DSA members and as such is not directly connected to DSA. But DSA members get a discounted price for both 1-time passes and yearly memberships.

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Copenhagen Highline Gym - Rules and guidelines

To ensure maximum safety at our highlines we have established a set of rules that everyone must follow.

  1. All access stay at the lines are at your own risk
  2. No one can go to the lines alone
  3. A buddy check must always be performed before mountaing the line.
  4. There must always be a person present that can do a safety rescue
  5. If it is your first time, you must go with someone who knows the place


Liam and Benji at URC

Highline events

We regularly do events, workshops and trainings about highlining. We often advice that you are fairly familiar with slackline before trying highline, but there is no need to be a world class pro before you take the pludge. 

  • Beginner workshops
  • Rigging workshops
  • Trick workshops


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You can find us at Urban Ranger Camp

Highline trips in Denmark and Sweden

A few times a year we leave our comfortable lines at URC, pack our bags and set out to rig new lines in nature.


As close to mountains as we get in Denmark

We have a standing tradition to go to Bornholm during the summer and rig multiple lines together with the swedish crew. Bornholm on the rocks in 2023 will be from 2nd-6th of august which is a great event that combines climbing and highline.

Møns Klint

Rigging in stunning nature in the south of Denmark

In 2021 and 2022 we were fortunete to get permission to rig the most stunning highline at Møns Klint. We hope it is a tradition that can continue for many years to come.


Midline in Skåne

If you fancy highline walking over water, Dalby in south Sweden is a beautiful place with easy access to great anchors. These trips are often member organised so get a hold of the other slackers and set it up!

Goteborg Highline Meeting (GOHM)

Highine on swdeish rocks

Each year our neighbours in Sweden arrange GOHM. In 2023 the event takes place from 5-7th of May. Check out their facebook for more information.