Slackline in Copenhagen is growing every year and the community is gradually becoming more and more diverse. It doesn’t matter if you are a school teachers, an engineer, a carpenter or a high school student – everyone is welcome to get on the line with us.

Join our weekly meetings

Every Wednesday we meet in different parks around Copenhagen and rig our lines. Its free to drop in for both members and newcomers. Anyone is welcome to bring their own line or try one of the many different lines that are up.

Program for the weekly meetings:

17.00 – 17.30: Setting up lines

17.30 – 18.30: Training w. teacher

18.30 – 20.30(ish): Open training and hang out


Join our facebook chat if you have any questions or if you rig a line and want to share it!

We often hear from people that they want to try slackline but don’t because they think they have to know it all before they start – luckily that’s not the case!

At our weekly meetings we are happy to show you the basic techniques that will help you to get started.

Come join us

And if you cant get enough of slackline, there is also the possibility of rigging your own line or meeting up with others from the slackline community. Scan the QR code or click here to join our signal group. You can also find the community page on facebook, where we regularly post about lines up that everyone can join

Want to dive deeper into parts of slackline? – try one of our workshops

Learn to rig your own line, get the basic techniques, learn to slackline with a friend and much more.

Learn the mechanics behind longer lines, get tips on how to progress and try the new possibilities that longer lines offer!

Ready to take on the heights? In these workshops we teach you how to get on the line, what to do when you fall off and the most important safety principles.

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