Be part of the community

Danish Slackline Association is more than just a few people walking on a line between trees. It is a diverse community of people that come together to learn, play, share and develop. Our doors are open to anyone interested in slackline.

The yearly membership price is only 100dkk!!!

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Membership benefits


Our members enjoy a number of discounts at danish and international stores.


Each year DSA goes on a number of trips in both Denmark and abroad. Our members get first access, help with getting there and much more.

Access to indoor highlines

We are lucky to have one of the most amazing indoor highline spots in Scandinavia. You get a discount on the 1 or 5 time entry prices + you get to buy monthly access.

Access to gear

We are lucky to have a lot of gear at DSA and our members get to borrow it and try it out. This is a great way to see what kind of line you like, before going out and buying something new.

And most importantly of all

As a member you support the acitivities of DSA. As a volunteer organization this means the world to us. And did we mention the price? It is only 200dkk a year!!

" I’m so happy for the slackline community in Copenhagen. It is such a diverse group of people who are all so helpful and eager to share. I can highly recommend it to EVERYONE. "
Benjamin Brinch
Chairman of DSa